Celebrating 100 Years of Human Creativity

Our Legacy

2021 marks an exciting milestone for SAKURA: 100 Years. Since the very beginning, we’ve been committed to embracing the human spirit and creative expression.

The Inspiration Behind SAKURA

Our name, SAKURA, is inspired by the national flower of Japan and means “cherry blossom” in Japanese. It symbolizes hope, friendship and the nature of life. In Japan, these beautiful and delicate flowers bloom in the spring for just one to two weeks after a long winter season. At SAKURA, we believe in the human spirit, purity in creativity, and connecting with others…and just like the flower that blooms with beautiful colors, we believe in self-expression and allowing one’s human creativity to flourish. 

Our Philosophy from the Beginning

We believe in a world of possibility powered by human creativity.

To be human is to be uniquely creative. We have a drive to create new ideas, stories, products, art, and more. And as humans, we have the power to imagine, embrace self-discovery and unlock possibility.

At SAKURA, we foster this incomparable human capability to think, dream, experiment and connect, and believe that creativity is within everyone. Whether you use our products for artwork, expression, problem solving, storytelling, or organization, creativity is at the core – allowing us to connect with ourselves and others.

We believe if you foster your creative abilities, you can reach your full potential.


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